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951uvt back home 2001.

   In the summer of 2000 whilst sitting in our local public house reading the much missed Preserved Bus magazine I came across Philip Lamb's article on Wrecks of the Shetlands and before long we were attracted to a certain vehilces registration (951UVT) "This is one of ours" was the responce and like a fool  I suggested that we take a short and much deserved holiday to the Shetlands. Our was to have a look at it in the flesh, as it later turned out it was the best idea I have ever had.
 After several visits to the Islands sponsorship to ship ther bus back to the main land was obtained through Streamline Shipping of Aberdeen. The next job was to get it out of the field and down to Lerwick docks ready for shipping to Aberdeen. Gordon Jamieson who had been our contact and friend on the Shetlands soon became heavily involved in the organization of the contractor and the necessary equipment needed to pull the bus out of the field and down to Lerwick.
  951UVT finally made the journey back to the mainland on Saturday 19th  May 2001when David and myself made the trip to Aberdeen docks armed with a low loader trailer returning back to the Potteries in the early hours of Sunday morning when after a few hours rest the bus made its first public appearance at POPS vintage vehicle rally at Crewe Hall.
The bus is currently is now undergoing full restoration.

 The groups aims are to restore the remainig vehicle 951UVT to as near origial condition as possible, to do this we neeed as many spare parts/information for both buses.To make our dream come true so we urgently need your help. 
This unique vehicle is at present still in a near derilict state but the good news is that restoration of 951UVT is now underway.
 We have had allot of responce from the public and we now have purchaced a spare chassis complete with all mechanicle spares we need to get the bus runing again.
   There can be no doubt that the cost of restoration is a very expensive hobby and we often wonder why do we do it, the answer to that question becomes clear when walking round the rally field. So it doesn't matter how small a contribution every little helps to prevent this  bus from disapearing into the history books.
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Thank you. 

951 UVT Group